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The Broadcatch Mission

Our goal is to promote quality access to information and useful communications amongst people of all backgrounds and beliefs. The path to this goal is one of sharing and cooperation amongst parties that enjoy mutual trust and reputation.

Centralized control of information is dangerous, as the will of the few can subvert the viewpoint of the many. Therefore, the process we to employ is complete and total, even anarchistic access to information and media, creating, at last, a level playing field for users, marketers and infomediaries.

We aim to:

provide personalized, incorruptible access to information for everyone.

When educators (as well as everyone else, of course) have access to high-quality information then it becomes easier to dispel myths, learn new things, and even seek, formulate and express personal or social truths.

We believe that:

access to information in a manner determined by the accessor and not by the provider

along with:

ability to communicate and share information without fear of reprisal

are essential elements of a free and open society, and the first steps towards a well-educated and compassionate community.

The mission of Broadcatch Technologies is to create and promulgate the technologies needed to support these goals, and to have fun and make money as we do so.

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