1981 - NewsPeek
   1983 - GIN
   1989 - SmarTV
   1992 - GenMagic
   1994 - CDML
   1994 - Social Ads
   1996 - Venue OS
   1999 - Lumeria
   2001 - OpenPrivacy

* The History Behind Broadcatch

Previous Work

Fen Labalme, chief architect and founder of Broadcatch Technologies, created the first personalized newspaper in 1981 while at M.I.T. He called this `peek at the news' NewsPeek, as he was acutely aware that giving any centralized server access to one's complete personal profile was a privacy violation reminiscent of Big Brother in George Orwell's book 1984.

Since that day, while Fen has been waiting for technology to catch up to his vision, he has worked on a number of related projects:

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